Canada's Crybaby Natives Genocide Claims

Native Canadians are on a roll. The last 5 or 10 years has seen an upsurge in accusations against non-native Canadians and the word "genocide" keeps cropping up more often. The biggest BS people are allowed to keep repeating unchallenged by anyone. The big lie by natives against the rest of society and its all bunk.


What's Wrong with our natives

Not a day goes by that you hear about more suicides and other problems on Reserves. Or dire poverty. Something is queer on our Reserves. It's not changing. It's not improving. It's not evolving. It just stays the same. Decade in - decade out.

New government action plans keep coming especially after each election. Billions spent on social programs. Nothing. All have been tried. All have failed. Throwing money at Canada's 1.4 million natives has not helped. And never will.

Thanks to bleeding hearts in government and other people who like spending taxpayer's money, we have created a permanent social underclass that has become totally dependent on handouts. Beggars in the forest.

Millions of immigrants have come here in by the planeload from every corner of the globe. Most find jobs. Settle down. Have families. And prosper. Natives? Status quo year in year out - same problems in the 1920s exist today.  Most remain permanently disconnected from mainstream society. By choice. The common theme is natives want to preserve their culture. Stay on the land. Live off the land. Fine. Let's cut off the government cheques and you can go chop wood and hunt caribou and catch fish. Whatever. Just a reminder, to our native friends, The stone age ended 10,000 years ago. Farming and industrial revolutions the past few hundred years have brought prosperity to every corner of the world. What are you clinging to? And at whose expense. Native ideas about preserving culture ring false. Little is left of the way of life in the 1800's prairies and forests for anyone, white or otherwise. It's gone. Forever. Nobody lives like that anymore. Who wants to?

This country is a nation of immigrants who have melted into the mainstream and for the most part done quite well. It's no accident this country remains desirable to emigrate to. All these people have one expectation. Give me chance to work and I will do the rest. Natives for a hundred and fifty years have been demanding, give me money and I will do nothing for myself. And we've let them. 

None of this is acceptable talk. Former Prime Minister Jean Cretien recently discovered what happens when you suggest natives might have to just leave the Reserve to improve their lives. If we were a gun-toting nation I'm sure he would be dead now. The bleeding hearts and righteous spenders of our tax dollars denounced him as racist. He was not. He was stating a simple fact. Sometimes you do have to move and leave your community. Sometimes there's just no hope where you live and you need to move. This country is littered with abandoned towns and villages that died when the main industry folded. People moved away. They didn't expect government handouts to stay and hope that industry will come back. They left forever and found new opportunities elsewher. It's hard to move like that. To give up your friends and just pack up and go. It's a major upheaval for families to experience. But it does happen. Any person thus affected understands what Jean Cretien meant. Sometimes you just have to move. Not the natives. No sirree. We're staying put right here. No work? No problem. That's what our federal government is here for.

Dozens of young natives are taking their lives every year in silent protest or statement that being trapped on Reserves hundreds and thousands of kilometres from decent schools and jobs is not good for the mind. Of course the native chiefs blame the Canadian people for racism and the government for not spending enough on Reserves. Well, I beg to differ. Lack of opportunities on Reserves is well-known and the suicides speak for themselves. Throwing money at some poor young native girl desparate for a decent opportunity in the bigger wider world means nothing. The people keeping her prisoner by way of guilt trips about abandoning the fantasy culture are to blame. Instead of packing up the canoe and heading for the nearest city, for new opportunities and hope, they sit at home, brooding and complaining about the injustices imposed by the whites out there. Well, native people, lots of non-whites have come to Canada from half-way round the world for better opportunities and succeeded. What's holding you back.

The government is in an awful place on native issues. It spends more than five billion dollars a year on Reserves. Doubling that would solve nothing. Being honest like Mr Cretien tried to be won't work. Nobody wants to be flogged in the public square. So they keep the budgets frozen at five billion a year and put bandages here and there but nobody speaks out about what needs to be done. Dismantle the Reserve system. 

Maybe this might work. Give natives title to the properties they live on. Let them enjoy investing and looking after their own homes instead of destroying their own homes and expecting the government to build them a new one. Reserves across the country are uniquely and specifically run-down squalid slums. Nobody provides upkeep. The natives certainly don't look after their homes because they don't own it. The government would go bankrupt trying to fulfill empty promises about fixing native housing. It hasn't and won't work, ever.

Reserves mostly are isolated communities that the world has forgotten about. These patches of land that natives refuse to leave, ironically do not belong to the natives clinging to some belief that it is theirs. It's not. Never was. It's Crown Land. Belongs to the government. And the government has no intention of giving title to that land to anyone. Never will be.

Post industrialization has concentrated people in cities and urban centres. It's simply not efficient to build a factory a thousand kilometres in some isolated community with no roads in or out and plenty of unskilled and unmotivated labour. People flock to cities because that is, in fact, where jobs are. This dream natives have that things will change, that their young will get happy some day by some miracle they themselves cannot define because it does not exist, is destroying a another, among many, generations that will never be able to fit in to mainstream society because it is missing out on the life-skills you only attain by actually living in urban areas and learning to survive there. There is only one thing guaranteed on Reserves and that is complete and utter hopeless lives that will be short and mostly tragic. 

The chiefs that pay themselves handsomely from government handouts while begging for ever more should be ashamed of themselves for killing their young because that is what their narrow self-interests and policies are doing to their children. 

The government leaders without an ounce of gut are also to blame for not having the courage to cut through the baloney and calling the native tragedy what it is. Doomed. 

The bleeding hearts? I want to chain each of you to a tree in one of the thousands of Reserves and watch native lives go down the drain while you with your PHDs and Masters of Nothing go around lecturing about how these poor natives have been mistreated and destroyed by white society. Live among the natives, I say to you, for a few months and find out what it is to camp out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by people who do not know the meaning of getting up and going to work because people like you insist that somehow this whole insane way of life on Reserves is noble. You, bleeding hearts, are the enemy of the natives in your endless whining about how badly we've treated them. Tell that to taxpayers, those selfish white bastards, dishing out five billion a year. 


Trump and Why I'm Voting for Him

Lots of people have already said this and I'll join in. I'm voting for Donald Trump because he's honest. He comes across as crazy and lots of people associate that with being psycho, which he is not. He is outspoken and that's what's made him so attractive to so many Americans (and non-Americans). He's not hidden away behind layers of yes-men you normally find with guys like Bush, Clinton and others. Trump stands out. He says what's on his mind. That's the Trump lots of people relate to. He doesn't hold back. He doesn't think about what he says, like most politicians do. What turns people off politicians is the double-speak. Saying what they think their audience wants to hear. Trump does the same except he doesn't censor himself. He insults and degrades whatever and whoever comes to his mind. It's undiplomatic and unsavoury to many ears but it's up front and in the open. People appreciate that.

The greatest good Trump will do however, is dismantle and destroy the Koch brothers, Charles and David, the third generation corrupt German industrialists (their family worked for and with both Hitler and Stalin), multi-billionaires who own and control(led) the Republican Party for decades. They run a tight organization that channels almost a billion dollars annually donated by their buddies into an election fund for their favourite candidates. Bush and Reagan got elected with no small help from the Koch brother's machinations behind the scenes. 

The Koch brothers run the American electrical system including the Democrats (Hillary and Bill were recipients and clients) and without the Kochs you simply don't get past home base. Donald Trump knew about this scandalous group and decided they would not own him. He hasn't mentioned Kochs by name so far but people in the know, know who he's targeting. 

The Koch brother's Tea Party failed but that did not stop the Kochs from recruiting others. Sara Palin was in their palm. Notice that the people the Kochs back are not intellectuals. Sara Palin is a prime example as is George W Bush - both quite dumb patsies. That's the kind of candidate the Kochs like. Little pussies and puppets who sing the Koch song and dance to their tune. 

Trump decided long ago that he wouldn't be bought. He used his own money. He could say what he wanted and do what he said without answering to the puppet masters in the Koch organization. Trump was the Koch's worst nightmare. Prominent Republicans announced they were voting Democrat in droves to teach Trump a lesson. Anyone but Trump they said. The Republican Party was getting a deserved black eye. It was in shambles. Despite the fact that the Koch organization is invisible to the masses and even ignored by the media (by design since they are themselves owned by the Kochs in some way - the billionaire owners of the media know their allegiance to the Kochs and toe the line by not spilling the beans - unless some renegade reporter does that for them).

Trump in the White House will change the landscape of American politics. He won't be able to get everything he wants since the American system is a three-way power block - the Judiciary, Congress and the Executive Branch as set up two hundred years ago. All three must agree before laws can be passed. It's the design of the system that prevents maniacs from taking over and running amuck. Unfortunately, it's driven much of the real power underground to organizations such as the CIA, FBI, Pentagon and NSA, the most powerful blocks of government agencies in the world. Want to get rid of snitches, just call the CIA and problem solved. Nothing an assassination can't fix. Want to topple a problem country, call the CIA. Need to shut up some trouble-makers claiming 911 was an inside job? The FBI at your service - dozens of whistle-blowers gone (yes really!).

Someone like Trump won't make a big dent in the system in just eight years. It's too insideous. Too filled with insiders who wield more power than the President because, well, they're not accountable. The President can forge a new direction if he chooses in some policy area, a new wall on the Mexico border, for example, but the path to success is a mine field of these cloak and dagger types lurking in the shadows that the President has no control over. 

The fact that virtual dummies like Reagan and GW Bush could run the US, is ample proof that the man in the top is really not in charge. The President is a figure-head, like a Monarch, who wishes this and that, but the system and the administration, tens of millions of stubborn mediocre civil servants marching to their own managers and administrators music determine the real direction things will go. 

Trump will certainly shake up the system. He will take no prisoners and has no friends in the Adminstration to lose. He will set out new policies and directions that will bring some economic justice to the huge middle-class that have been driven down by the policies driven by people like the Kochs that brought enormous wealth to ever fewer more powerful individuals and stripped middle-America to pre-war levels. Trump, hopefully, will reverse that. He will have eight years to accomplish that. He will then be in his early eighties and ready to step down by the end of his second term and if he succeeds in his plans, if he escapes assassination attempts by the CIA or FBI or other hired guns, America will be different and probably better.

That's why, if I was an American, I would vote for Donald Trump. He is the last great hope to save America from the worst of the worst people such as Kochs and other gansters who would enslave every last American if that was possible to increase their personal wealth and power. The Kochs are the virus that lurks in most societies including Russia, the EU and most Thirld World countries. Guys like Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe who destroy their countries and suck the life out of ordinary citizens who don't have a chance of elevating themselves from poverty and hoplessness. Mugabe thrives under a weak constitution that enables demagogues like himself to run a dictatorship over illiterate and impoverished masses. He outguns the electorate and grabs every ounce of power available. To see such a dictatorship in this age is hard to fathom. But America is sliding down the same path.

Someone like Trump can change it or at least slow it and maybe start reversing it. America cannot afford another term with someone like Hillary Clinton, an establishment member who has admitted she cannot relate to the people she wants to govern. Kings and Queens ruled like that for centuries before democracies took over and the people got to choose their leaders. Kings and Queens live isolated in castles and cannot possibly know what it is to struggle to make a living by ordinary people. That is Hillary's problem. She knows it. She's secretive and sneaky enough and cannot be trusted to govern without running afowl of the the law.

What you see with Trump is what you get. He's been more honest than all the other dozen power hungry candidates that he knocked off the podium. Hillary has proven herself strong in the campaign which has forced Trump to be even stronger and that is the nature of competition and the way the system does and should work. And that is why I'm voting for Trump - if I could that is. 


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