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Clint Eastwood and Karma

Clint Eastwood knew Karma (

Clint's appeal is justice gained after the system failed. With Clint justice results in the bad guys losing. In High Plains Drifter, Clint's character is a dead-man-walking physically destroying the corrupt town and the society it symbolizes and sending its morally corrupt citizens straight to hell. Clint made another similar revenge-themed movie Pale Rider named 'Death'. Many others on the list are based on the same typical vengeance concept.

Youtube has many karma-themed sections about street justice on miserable mean people and criminals and soul-less characters who get their justice meted out often through their own stupidity and ineptness. Captured on CCTV these minute-long clips show us life being fixed and we're left feeling satisfied. 

Clint is a master story teller. His stories are usually fables with simple themes based on good and evil. His movies have strong central characters most of us (male anyway) can relate to. We watch and wish we had the guts or opportunity to mete out what many of his movies do so well. Clint's characters carry a deep-seated palpable anger seathing just below the surface. Spare scripting, great atmosphere and superb character development make his movies entertaining and deeply satisfying and many are watchable time and again.

Go through the list and be surprised by his list of credits. I was surprised by how many were Clint movies I wasn't aware of. 

Deep down we all seek karma. We see the injustice around us and Clint fixes it and helps us feel better.  That we are mostly right in the notion that good, in the end, usually wins over bad. It might seem simple. But you sure feel good after the credits roll at the end of one of his movies.

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