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Germany Toilet Disaster

Germany has a serious public washroom problem. Having traveled their many times I can say that while it has lots of great attractions and is a beautiful place to visit, be warned about public German washrooms

It's a quirky fact that in Germany public washroom facilities are not just scarce and those that exist will cost you about C$1.50 for the privilege. Germany is certainly not the only European country that charges for washrooms but as the richest of the bunch it stands out as being the stingiest and strangest when it comes to providing decent clean public washrooms. 

Typically you'll find it manned by an attendant whose job is to collect that Cdn$1.50 for apparently simply guarding the facility and the money plate. Cleaning it seems not to be in the job description. 

Rest stops on the Autobahn fare no better and are actually much worse. Some rest stops have a washroom building but beware. Though it will still cost you Cdn$1.50 to access, you'll be shocked at the sight. Most are vandalized, filthy, absent of any paper products and unfit for viruses. 

Looking around you'll soon realize others have figured out the facilities are not fit for human or animal and simply relieve themselves on the grass and woody areas a little beyond, depending on your particular needs at the moment. You'll see that toilet paper abounds among the clumps of overgrown grass (maintenance people obviously don't fire up their mowers in the no-man's land around the facilities) and people squatting as they go about things. This is observationally true and not anecdotal.

We actually pulled off the Autobahn at one point and as we got close to the parking lot there was a man relieving himself on the grass quite openly just outside his car with his family inside patiently waiting just next to the lawn. The grass was the lawn around the McDonalds restaurant we were stopping for a coffee. This was a busy place. Why does this happen in a country as civilized as Germany? A family of four would pay Cdn$6.00 to visit the McDonalds washroom. It's simple economics for many people. 


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