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Canada's Crybaby Natives Genocide Claims

Native Canadians are on a roll. The last 5 or 10 years has seen an upsurge in accusations against non-native Canadians and the word "genocide" keeps cropping up more often. The biggest BS people are allowed to keep repeating unchallenged by anyone. The big lie by natives against the rest of society and its all bunk.

Genocide is the new favourite code word by natives in Canadian conversation. Natives chancing getting in front of TV cameras or radio shows spare no moment to mention genocide. Nobody takes them up on it. It's like challenging someone's belief in the existence of a god. It's not done. The word comes up often because it's dramatic and sounds serious which it would be if it was true. It's not but nobody's taking natives up on this. Nobody has the guts. So the word keeps cropping up more often every time a native stands in front of a camera. 

The true meaning of genocide - pick your source - mine is Wikipedia - is the systematic and deliberate extermination of a large single group or culture of people in a society. The Holocaust and Rhawandan genocides are just two of dozens and are familiar to most people who read the news. These are undeniably awful that no sensible person would have trouble understanding.

But Canadian natives were never subjected to genocide. Genocide is serious stuff and had it actually ever happened to natives or anyone else here, this country would be quite a different place. No country that has genocide in its historical record is ever the same after. We're not talking about bringing disease like smallpox or diptheria, both common all over the world, that decimated some native communities. That also happened all over Europe and Asia time and again. We're talking deliberate planned slaughter of whole societies. Never happened here.

Never ever. Regardless of how misguided attempts by white European governments in early Canadian history might have been to try to assimilate natives into main-stream society, there was never anything even remotely resembling genocide. Name one single event that comes close. There isn't any. Attempts to get native children into regular schools and off reserves were real and are, however, now regarded as genocide, by natives with a self-interest in perpetuating that lie plus naive academics and of course lawyers who stand to make lots of money in the class-action lawsuits against the federal government. Child abuse allegations - largely anecdotal, mostly unsubstantiated and opportunistically pursued by natives - for the hundreds of millions in apology money potentially available in payouts, this is what constitutes genocide in the new lexicon for natives seeking ever more compensation. We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars here.

The native reconciliation movement has seen tens of millions already doled out for these lies to just about every individual native who had any connection, however remote, to the relocation and education system early in the last century.

Had the natives kept up their studies and persisted, most would never have gone back to hopeless isolated reserves that then and now offer no hope of opportunity for the young today whose lives are being wasted on drugs and alcohol thanks to the gutless federal government policies that would rather keep dishing out cash than tell natives to move off reserves, get integrated into Canadian society, and simply get on life. Forget about that hopeless dream on the reserve. It will never happen. Unless you believe in fairies. 

The genocide claim is a red herring that sounds scary but is completely misleading and untrue. I want to hear a single story by a native of how his ancestors were rounded up, murdered and thrown into a mass grave. Show us the evidence. It does not exist. 

What we did have was terrible government policies poorly executed but with the best of intentions. Blame the Catholic priests and nuns for their cruel, warped and perverted approach toward re-settling native children off reserves and into main-stream society. It was the right idea for the time. Today we know how to do it properly. Then we didn't. That's the difference between then and now. The Catholic church and its perverted philosophy and actions was responsible for most of the problems and abuse that did take place. The Catholic way was not right but that's in hind sight. We need to get over that fact. We cannot right all the wrongs with endless apologies and bottomless pots of money. 

Today's natives  rely almost exclusively on handouts by the federal government and good will by Canadians to keep paying more than $5 billion each year on Indian affairs. It is an industry in itself and has been going on for a century. Natives have lived dozens of generations on the generosity of Canadian taxpayers. This isn't the only country with misguided policies that are destroying native peoples but with 1.4 million natives we certainly need to start doing something about it like maybe admitting keeping this many people on permanent welfare isn't really a good thing. Dozens of twelve year old natives committing suicide every year must be saying something. Hopelessness is one word that keeps popping up in my mind.

As newly educated young natives enter politics and law - not normally engineering or other industrial pursuits I might add - they latch onto the latest catchwords - genocide being the big one - that shock and repulse to gain sympathy and ever-more apologies and cash for things that happened a 150 years ago. Certainly not our responsibility today any more than other historic mistakes that our forefathers committed.

Natives can afford to keep up the momentum. They have the time and motivation to attend protests to block any progressive economic efforts by industry and commerce in main-stream society because we just keep on handing over big chunks of undeserved earnings to native bands. It pays. It's that simple. They protest. We watch. We feel guilty (like dropping a loonie into the beggars hat) then walk away happy thinking we helped. Not really. Tomorrow the beggar's back because it pays to beg.

We teach natives how to convince us to put coins in their ever out-stretched tin pots. Note to natives: Want to make some real changes? - lobby the government to grant you ownership over the land you keep claiming as your "ancestral land". You don't own the land you keep talking about having rights over. You don't have any rights to that land. It's leased land. You have no title. Think about that. Start fighting for real land rights. You should have been doing that a long time ago. Fighting over land rights that the government owns is pretty hopeless. Like a tenant in a building arguing with the Landlord over highest and best use for the property that the landlord wants to redevelop. The tenant is wasting his time as are natives without land rights.

The genocide word is symptomatic of a deep-seated problem whose solutions are as simple as people stopping to think about the real issues. Shock words will not solve anything. 




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