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The Indigenous People Problem - Part 5

There is an expression, “the best defence is a good offence.” Our friend Donald Trump plays this well and it suits him. He’s carried it into office and practices it every day. Nobody is off limits to his direct attacks, usually by Twitter, and usually he comes out on top.
That is not to attack Donald Trump. I like him. I actually believe he is out to reform a corrupt American government system, a criminal CIA, NSA and FBI. Lying, cheating scoundrels. Trump is out to change it. Step by step he's doing it. Thanks to his philosophy of attack first, explain later, he is clawing his way through the awful system that has been betraying Americans (and the world) for decades.
Other groups like the Jewish Defence League use similar tactics. This wealthy, powerful organization, amply funded by Israel (and indirectly by American and Canadian taxpayers ironically enough), has as its sole mission to stamp out anti-semitism in whatever form it takes with whatever force it takes. And, surprise, it works. Say anything remotely critical, however small or insignificant in the media, journalists and commentators alike, and you’ll soon find out how fast this organization operates. It is scary. You might think you’re small and a nobody but you’re not in the eyes of the JDL. Because they have eyes in every major corporation, media in most countries, congress, parliament, government agencies, charities, everwhere, in this close knit community, you can be sure that you are being watched and noticed by someone. You go anonymously about your business and they don’t bother but one day you speak out and, wham, out of nowhere, you are attacked. It could be in print or online but you will know you’ve been attacked. No matter how small you are, you’re a potential target. Just say or do the wrong thing.
And, it’s very effective. An organization using these tactics (one hundred plus years in the making) can be certain to become invulnerable in short order. If you work in the media you toe the line, because the guy at the top knows (through his network of spies) what you’re up to. Soon, crossing the line, you’ll be looking for a new job. Don’t do stories that will upset Israel. So, principled folk they like to make you think they are, Peter Mansbridge types don’t cross the line. And he retires with his full pension. That’s what fear does to people.
The Indian folks have caught on to this tactic. Indians like to claim they have been down trodden by the rest of society instead of the reality of being self-imposed voluntary prisoners in a system that guarantees failure. The chiefs like the system because it provides a guaranteed annual income of $10 billion plus, much of which goes to waste and the rest into the corrupt little pockets of a few hundred crooks with feather head dresses and eagle feathers. They, obviously do not want to change a system that lines their pockets - the average chief making over $250,000 tax free. Not bad.
Truth is lots of Canadians (and Americans) know this is a setup and a boondoggle that needs to be stopped. Indians have not managed to elevate themselves from dire poverty and utterly total dependency on government handouts because the system prevents it. So most people aren’t being fooled into the idea that Indians are just a few billion dollars from digging out from that muck hole. That “billion dollar” solution comes around every annual budget with chiefs in their eagle hats sitting around close by looking squinty-eyed at the minister responsible for wasting-taxpayer-money as he doles out another billion or so to the hopeless 1.4 million stuck in the Canadian muskeg.
And like the JDL keeping a watchful eye on anyone practicing their democratic right to express their opinion that Zionism is not good for Palestinians or other Middle Eastern people, Indian chiefs have honed their skill at attacking and destroying any individual or group that does likewise to Indian people here (and in America of course).
The Prime Minister has been trained to dish out more billions to Indian Affairs (the old name of that government department and more accurate). Canadian courts are bending over backwards handing out more hundreds of millions in reconciliation payments to the “residential school survivors” and the “genocide” by some priests and nuns over 50 years ago.
Like the Holocaust, an event you are not allowed to deny - just ask Ernst Zundle - or go to jail, you can’t even “comment” on the online news for CBC. Because, I guess, some time ago, some people couldn’t hold back and gave their honest opinion about the Indian problem, which the, let’s call them the IDL (Indian Defence League), did not like and screamed racism which permanently closed off the comment section. Of course CBC heavily censors it’s news and opinions to reflect the “correct” story about Zionists and Indians, anyway, so it’s hardly news that it does not allow free public opinion on the subject.
The IDL and JDL know their business well. Both benefit from huge donations from US and Canadian taxpayers and that is a good business plan to protect.
The losers? The poor Indians stuck on hopeless reserves who see little benefit from that “free” money. Not that charity is ever helpful that way, not after 150 years of trying anyway. But surely, the enormous financial investment in the bottomless pit of Indian Affairs, could be spent on constructive changes to the reserve system. Such as dismantling and selling off the federally own land to the Indians that live on it and letting them fend for themselves. How about biting the bullet and admitting that a few thousand acres in muskeg country will never enjoy anything resembling modern life. Never mind the kids who already know this and are ending their misery at 11 years of age. How about putting some of these chiefs on trial for corruption and extortion for enriching themselves while watching their people slowly die generation after generation.
Donald Trump has a winning formula. It worked in business and it’s working in the Oval Office. The JDL has known this since WW1. Now the IDL uses the same attack-the-critics tactics. Attack anyone who criticizes or questions you. Publicly shame them into submission. Destroy revisionists who want to simply talk about the problem and maybe find some solutions.
We risk losing our democratic freedoms if we keep letting one or two dominant groups get away with lies and intimidation. The cowards in government don’t have the guts to bring their ideas into the open. The system rots and soon you’re left with gutless governments led by greedy corrupt criminals that lurk in places like the JDL and the IDL.

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