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Top Government Hoaxes and Conspiracies

Hoaxes and lies. There is a difference. A hoax is like a trick or a joke. It can be malicious or done in fun. An April Fools trick is a hoax or joke. Usually meant in fun. But can malicious too depending on how you feel about the recipient.
Lies, on the other hand, are deceptions. These can be done to spare someone getting hurt such as telling your wife the dress looks great on her, no matter how it looks. Or to mislead someone or lots of people.
Politicians, for example, are great liars. Governments are made of people, so lying comes by nature of simply being government. Democratic countries have multiple party systems designed to keep the liars in check. Every elected member of government will lie sooner or later and many will get caught and have to publicly apologize. Some stoically and some teary-eyed, or what seems teary-eyed, which depends on how sincere they are and how good actors they are. The most teary-eyed apoologists are the best liars, having perfected the art of lying and apologizing, when caught, both done quite convincingly.
Everyone lies every day. I do. You do. It’s our nature. Most of our lies are to protect feelings. Some lies are to protect ourselves when we get caught doing something we shouldn’t.
Some of the greatest, biggest lies, of course are by governments. Here I’m going to make a short list of famous lies that are known globally - by known I mean we heard the lie but we’re not necessarily aware it is a lie.
  1. Pearl Harbour: A big lie planned by US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to allow this US naval base to be attacked by the Japanese (who were known to be planning an attack by US intelligence) but not to be defended by US forces. This enabled the slaughter of thousands of US Marines and the destruction of the US naval base and dozens of US naval vessels. FDR had been under pressure by allies to join the war effort but the American public wanted no part of any war. So FDR used the Japanese attack premise to justify entering the war. The words “This is a day of infamy...” are etched in history books. FDR lied to the American public. He did not let on that he knew the Japanese were planning the attack but decided to allow the attack to happen as a ruse for the US to enter the war.
  2. 911: This more recent event was completely planned and executed by US government officials in the Bush administration (Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, the Bush family including George Sr and Jr and Jeb, Israeli Mossad agents, Larry Silverstein who just a few years earlier had bought the WTC buildings to collect insurance, and a small army of co-conspirators hired to make 911 a success. There were no muslim terrorists. Anyone interested in learning about the 911 event can find hundreds of Youtube documentaries that destroy any notion that planes were involved. There weren’t. This was another “Pearl Harbour” designed to shake up the American public, to once again, join another war, this time in the Middle East. And, like Pearl Harbour, it was a success. It was a lie perpetrated to feed into the emotions of Americans, and indeed the world, to go to war. Thousands of innocent New York lives were lost directly in the controlled demolition of the three buildings and tens of thousands more New Yorkers died from the poisonous gas and dust from the collapsed buildings. This was a big lie but also a war crime and a crime against humanity. Nobody has ever been prosecuted. This was almost a perfect lie. Not because everyone believes it but because when liars don’t get exposed, they win.
  3. False Flag Terrorist bombings (Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook, recently Manchester, London trains, Berlin truck attack, Nice truck attack, etc.): There are too many to go into each in detail. These are now flavour of the month events and we’re getting used to them. And yes, they are all faked events. There are dozens of websites and Youtube docs explaining and analyzing these as theatrical events that have no basis in fact. As hard as it might to believe something like one of these can be orchestrated in full public view, it is true, these are planned events. And the planners are a mixed bunch working together to make each a success. In no particular order these involve local and national police forces, armed forces, a theatrical production group that uses actors (yes the same faces can be seen over and over again at different events), the media, politicians and national governments. So what is the motive? Well, mostly political. You will notice that Muslims are the “cuprits” doing the shootings and bombings. This is the idea by forces such as Israel which has a vested interest in perpetuating the idea that Muslims are responsible and cannot be trusted. Fomenting hate against Muslims through planned terrorist events helps keep the public on edge and the hate for Muslims fresh. The events are carefully planned and carried out with military precision. Do people actually die? Some deaths do occur but not as much as the media shows. Remember, these are staged and cleverly designed for maximum emotional effect.

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