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Fake Apollo - We Never Went to the Moon

When is NASA going to finally admit Apollo and the moon missions were faked? Maybe a lot of you employees at actually believe the official NASA line that you went to the moon (you have to believe to keep your jobs - I get it) but a lot of you know the truth. More than half of educated people and general skeptics in the west believe the lunar missions were faked. Why fake it? Because the technology just wasn't ready. Radiation risks are real. Political realities forced you to fake it. I think people could have accepted the Hollywood stuff (see Capricorn One) if you had come clean a few decades ago, but it’s not too late yet.
The 60’s Cold War is over - the reason Apollo was started in the first place. Sooner or later (Google?) will get there (see Dec 2017 deadline for a big prize) and prove there is no evidence of human visitation. No landing sites. No lunar modules. No laser reflectors. No tracks.
And don't give me the LRO (Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter) as evidence, please. These laughable photoshopped pictures showing some barely visible dots you claim are lunar modules are lame and you know it - you have to admit that. You resized certain original photos down so details are severely pixelated then superimposed dots even showing 4 shiny foot pads. Clever. OK. Good try. It fools some. But most people know and have seen that you have satellites in earth orbit that can make out cars and people and easily recognizable features and details from 250 miles up and through our murky atmospheric haze and the best you can do from 30 miles above the moon with no atmosphere is show us little black dots the moonscape passed off as modules. Sorry, no sale. This does not cut the mustard of the scientific detail possible with your half billion dollar mission - what did you use, an Apple iPhone 7? I doubt it. Your cameras could clearly take beautiful pictures showing the lunar modules in detail - all six locations - if you wanted, but you clearly can’t and won’t because there’s nothing up there man-made to see so you create this illusion that the black dots are it.
Time to come clean NASA. Don't wait till your last astronauts are dead and gone hoping that's it. You retired them off 40 years ago with nice rich multi-million dollar pensions to keep their mouths shut and killed the honest ones off (Gus? Where are you?) with arsenic and oxygen-filled capsules and others in planes by crashing them or blowing them out of the sky, maybe? - I guess they forgot how to fly? Top guns can forget too, or so you would like us to believe.
I was taken in by your lies for sure - six impossible mythical launches - one every six months - all seemingly successful - plus one bonus to get our attention, #13 just to show you're not perfect and to keep us glued to your fantasy. I really was suckered but I wasn’t alone.
We now know that by 1967, six years after JFK proclaimed America would be on the moon, NASA had nothing to show, a report described NASA in chaos and going nowhere, Congress got upset and held Congressional Hearings then, poor Thomas Baron the report’s author “stupidly” makes a bad call at a railway crossing - unlucky guy and his wife and kid, boom, gone. Then his home was ransacked for anything with hints of NASA on it and the actual report simply disappeared. Wow. Then suddenly, new director gets appointed, and boom, 1969 we have lift-off, two years later and by 1972, three years later six successful moon landings. Huge undertaking and technically and scientifically, not to mention from the industrial feasibility perspective, impossible.
How you designed, fabricated, assembled and blasted off six missions is miraculous. Seriously, the world was taken with it. I was.
Don’t you think it's time to come clean? Look, I'm behind you in principal - space exploration and all that - I think it’s great - the true parts that is - once we sift through and figure out fabrications vs reality. No, I don't believe everything you guys say. Your photoshopped planet shots can be a bit much, but I think you have potential. Some of your interplanetary missions were actually real and impressive.
You're a different generation now. The original instigators at NASA are all retired and many have left us. Get a director with guts and go to confession. Spill it. You're not doing yourselves any favours with the never-ending lies.
I think the world can probably accept that NASA fabricated the Apollo moon hoax for good purpose. The world was imperilled and both sides, America and the Soviets, were each pulling fast ones on each other. Chest thumping. JFK gave a bold mission statement that was meaningful and achievable but unrealistic given the technology of the day. At least ten years shy of technical possibility. As a politician and not a scientist he provided a dream for America, a great nation we can all accept, to meet and surpass. His end-of-decade target was slightly optimistic - he should have added ten years. Unfortunately lying crooked Nixon decided it was politically expedient to keep the big lie going. So Hollywood was brought in to film the hoax and the world believed it. Let’s stop this now.
I think many people will accept the folly of those times. We survived. But the lies - they're not working now. You will be found out by Google or others. Don't wait.
Then plant your next mission for a first visit to the moon. Practice there then to Mars.

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