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Benjamin Netanyahu war criminal

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is being investigated for corruption and faces prosecution. This Zionist is also a war criminal responsible for the continuing destruction of Palestinian lands and the murder of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians. The Hague Tribunal will deal with this murderer and hopefully eliminate him forever off the political scene and preferably behind bars for a long time. 

Israel, during and before this criminal became leader, has been pushing the "Greater Israel" program across the Middle East for over 50 years by promoting unrest and war (GW Bush and his criminal father GH Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all part of and complicit in this scheme) and ultimately the Balkanization of the seven Middle East countries. Millions have been killed by the Israeli expansionist policy through wars and Israeli sponsored terrorist acts disguised as ISIS (which stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service - think about that for a minute - Muslims are being blamed by this blatant facade).

Don't take my word for this mad man, Netanyahu, check out hundreds of Youtube on the Israeli involvement in world terrorism, ISIS and even 911. Israeli Mossad are the tools to execute resistors to the GI program that is 90% complete with the Middle East in shambles. Read up, esp Youtube, and be ready to be shocked by what the main media avoid talking about. 


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