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Calgary murder capital by police

Welcome to Calgary, police murder capital of Canada in 2016 (last count 10 shot - 5 killed) with Toronto in 2nd place for police murder status with just 3 killed for 6 shootings. Vancouver is 1 killed for 2 shot. 

Needless to say, Canadian cops like to shoot first and shoot to kill (by training that is the goal - to kill first time, every time). 

Calgary, by population compared to Toronto is actually 5 times per capita more likely and successful at killing suspects - meaning simply that Toronto would have 50 shot and 25 killed by Calgary Police Services standards. 

Granted, the Calgary Police have lots of excuses, none of which hold water. Toronto has had it's share of excuses for murdering suspects too. Remember the kid on the TTC streetcar who got pumped full of lead by a crazed psycho Toronto cop who just couldn't stop shooting (9 shots) at the obviously already down and dead suspect? Fortunately that nutcase cop was convicted for manslaughter (should have been murder but cops are exempt from that charge).

Most Calgary suspects are gunned down and murdered by panic-stricken inexperienced macho cops for simply "looking" like a threat - brandishing a knife or 2x4 will get you killed by a CPS cop. 

Remember too, that poor Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanskiat Vancouver Airport, slaughtered by 6 out-of-control psycho RCMP officers in Oct 2007. His crime? Brandishing a stapler - that was apparently fully loaded with staples too - which, one of the RCMP cops claimed he felt threatened by.  So they attacked him, tasered him into unconsciousness, then jumped on him and crushed him to death. I feel safe being protected by our RCMP knowing that if I am attacked by someone weilding a loaded stapler that a member of the RCMP (or CPS) will quickly dispatch this threat without a second thought. 

The Calgary Police track record for murdering suspects is on record and of course the Police Chief has a million excuses why a suspect armed with a knife or bat (or stapler) needs to be shot through the heart without any hesitation. 

Civil Rights groups in Canada ask why Canadian police are so determined to murder suspects on site before stopping to consider other options like asking the suspect to calm down and "how can we help" before gunning him down in cold blood. 

Yes, there are lots of mentally unstable people around, many are ordinary people in temporary distress (break-up with wife, other emotional issues) and are not criminals, just having a bad day and using bad judgement that a normal non-psychopathic cop could and should recognize and diffuse with a little patience and common sense. 

Fact is that all Canadian cops are trained killers - yes that is the right term - and the "shoot to kill" motto is exactly what they are trained to do. Never mind training on how to decide "truly dangerous armed suspect" versus "distressed suspect" that can easily be talked down. Nope, get that gun out and point it at the poor soul's heart and if he so much as twitches his eye, shoot to kill him instantly, then go over, and if he looks like he's still alive, place your knee on his throat as he lies there spitting blood and gasping for breath, and push down with all your weight till he chokes and stops breathing. 

Many people ask why not disable a determined suspect who is not armed with a gun by shooting him in the leg or other non-vital part of his body. After all if you can get that bullet through the aorta, a relatively small area of the human body, why not the leg. Fire several shots at the leg if needed. It won't kill but it sure will stop anybody. 

That is the question many people ask when they hear about another suspect having a bad mental day but armed with a piece of 2x4 has to be murdered by the people that have "To Protect and Serve" stickers all over their squad cars. 

Training, in a word is why. The crazy macho world of cops is all about taking down anyone who happens to be in their sights. This is all about taking no chances with a cop's life and killing your opponent point blank being the safe cop strategy for most situations.

Cops are cops because they are attracted to the idea of serving the public, I'm sure of that. But once in, they quickly get corrupted by the screaming madman attitude of other cops a few years into the system. And since fitting in is what most people crave, it's easy to see how a new fresh-faced cop gets sucked into this culture of us vs them mentality and, yes, we can legally commit murder and probably get away with it. 

Recently the Calgary Police Service started replacing it's old fleet of white cruisers embellishied by citizen-friendly stickers that actually looked kind of nice with new "black" cruisers with white and gold stickers. Plus a big "bull" bar at front. These citizen intimidating black cars are meant to show "we mean business so look out". The "bull" bar? that is a new thing they now routinely install to further intimidate the public. Most cops couldn't tell you what these were originally designed for - pushing stalled cars off the highway and this is a US invention for State Highway Patrol units only, not city cruisers. But, hey, the Calgary Chief says black is cheaper to equip and the bull bars, well, it looks tough so what the heck, let's spend $2000 per car and don't worry about it. 

New recruits are generally choosing police work as a last option, like the military. Unemployable in other fields and education level not up to par for regular work, joining the police force seems a good option (even though dad says he'll disown you if you do). Ridiculous hours are made up by high union-wages and benefits and, of course, the companionship of others who flunked out of normal society. The military, likewise, is filled with folks that gravitated to this last-resort option. And yes, there is a waiting period and a line-up to get into all Canadian police forces - there are a lot of guys and gals who figured this was their calling.

Some would say, it's inevitable that all police forces are infinitely and inevitably prone to corrupt practices and warped sense of morality about killing the people they are supposed to protect. Which, statistically seems to be the case. All forces resist independent public inquiry boards that would investigate police behaviour and the dozen or so murders they commit every couple of years. Let us investigate ourselves, they say. This has been proven not effective. Police protect themselves, not investigate themselves. That's human nature and that's why the public is right to demand independent boards for this purpose. Which the powerful police unions, so far, have kept out.

As long as people don't rise up against the police abusing their right to kill at will, this will continue. The police have no motivation to change. They are armed to the teeth. Compare this to British police, unarmed and almost zero police killings. Lack of guns means they have replaced bullets with words and actual thought process and reasoning to diffuse most (99%) of incidents without seroius violence,  and certainly no murder. 

Calgary police need to take note on their record of murdering civilians, none of which was necessary to protect anyone. There is nothing to be proud of using brute force when some humanity will work just as well and usually with much better outcomes and no bleeding body to clean up after.

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