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Ernst Zundel dies in Germany

Ernst Zundel died today of a heart attack in his native Germany. He needs to be remembered. He was a self-less and tireless freedom fighter for free speech on both sides of the Atlantic and should be remembered and honoured as such. He fought against the Jewish-led repression of the freedom to speak out against the mythology of the Holocaust. For that he was shamefully treated by both Canadian and German governments.

Ernst Zundel lived in Canada for over 20 years and spent time in jail here for the charge of "inciting hatred" and the Canadian government, under the influence of Jews in high places in Canadian media, including the CBC, extradited him to Germany in 2005.

This is utterly shameful. Germany then turned around and indicted Zundel in 2007 for inciting hatred and jailed him but released him for time served in 2010. Germany has actually become less of a fair and open nation since WW2. Germany has historically been an intellectual powerhouse with open and liberal attitudes toward rational thinking and truth about every subject. That has changed and Germany is becoming closed and free speech eliminated.

What Canadians, Germans and Americans should be really concerned about is the influence Jews have to effectively remove the right to free speech, to the point of incarcerating anyone who excercises that right in speaking out about things like the Holocaust. Real inciting of hatred should always be punishable but simply seeking the truth about historic events should not. That is the essence of Ernst Zundel's work for over 40 years of his life.

Bernie Farber, who held the position of CEO with the Canadian Jewish Congress made an immediate statement today upon hearing about Zundel's death that Zundel denied that six million Jews died in Germany in a mass extermination and brought great "anguish" to "survivors". This is the myth that Jews perpetuate even though the focal point of everything Holocaust, Auschwitz, has itself revised the official figure to around 1 million and how these Jews died has nothing to do with mass extermination but blunders by American and British under Winston Churchill who is responsible for stretching WW2 well after Germany wanted to stop fighting. Churchill has been examined carefully and described by many historians as a war-monger who loved war for its own sake and prolonged WW2 that could have lasted just a few years and saved millions of lives. This is documented in many good historical books on the subject, worth reading. 

Ernst Zundel was the victim of a conspiracy to silence anyone who seeks truth. It needs to be noted that never once did he defame Jews as a people. He did not incite hatred. Yet he was picked out because he was vocal and brought evidence that the Holocaust was indeed a big lie. That, in the eyes of Jews, was his crime.

Zundel was just one of hundreds of "Holocaust" deniers (visit Youtube to see for yourself) who have investigated the Holocaust to find the facts and the truth and have proven without a doubt that the Holocaust is a great myth and not based on reality. The real number of Jews who died officially now stands at about one million and every modern day Jew knows that to be the case. Those million starved to death from Allied bombing not extermination.  

The truth about the Holocaust is complicated. And only through careful sifting through the many separate investigations by highly qualified historians, scientists and engineers, can you start seeing the reality that's been hidden by skillful maniupulation by Jewish groups around the world to perpetuate the myth of six million Jews that never happened. 

Jewish groups are well-funded and are ready to pounce on anyone who speaks out about anything Jewish. Many Holocaust scholars on Youtube have been removed by pressure from these very Jewish groups. Jewish groups are skillful at projecting their sense of indignation anytime anything is said that suggests Jews are not telling the truth or that they themselves are perpetuating lies. 

Ernst Zundel was a truth-seeker and did not hate Jews but he did pursue truth relentlessly and set himself up as a martyr for others to follow. Listen to Ernst Zundel and ask yourself if you see anything but someone trying to find truth and nothing else. Follow the trail to others who followed behind him and blazed new trails showing evidence that clearly shows he was absolutely right in his assertion that truth matters and it's every citizen's right to be able to seek that truth no matter what it might expose.












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