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Fakery in the Modern World

Sandy Hook was a FALSE FLAG event on December 14, 2012. Fake News? Yes. That is so.

It was staged by one of several crisis staging companies specializing in crisis events. Purpose? Create panic in the general public. Create fear. The world is in crisis. Terrorism is destroying our world. Wow.

Sandy Hook has been exposed as a false flag. Crisis actors faking tears about losing non-existant "loved ones". Sure it hugs on the heart strings. But if did not happen. Not a single child was harmed. It was all a big staged fake event. Naive silly people believe this because they watch the mainstream media (CBC, NBC, CNN, Fox, etc) and believe what they see as being real. 

The same crisis actors keep showing up at every new "terrorist event". They get paid $15 to $20 per hour to be part of a crowd. They're told how to act, how to panic, how to scream, how to pretend they've been shot. And the public swallows this up. It's fantasyland. Disney World. Alice in Wonderland. All nonsense. 

Here's a short list of recent FALSE FLAG EVENTS you thought were real.

1. The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

2. The Sandy Hook Massacre

3. The Boston Marathon Bombing

4. The San Bernando Shooting

5. The Berlin Christmas Market Attack

6. The Assassination of Andrei Larlov

7. The Manchester Fire

8. The London Train Bombing

The same actors show up on each of these fake events. Their faces are familiar to anyone following these things.

HOW IT WORKS: A group hires a company such as: to stage your event and they take it from there from hiring crisis actors (using Craiglist) to shutting down the street to bringing in fake police and ambulance drivers and paramedics to executing the actual fake event. Then they simply disappear. Yellow buses parked nearby whisk the actors away and many of these crisis actors are making crisis events a career move to pay for traveling around the world for free. 

WHO IS HIRING THESE CRISIS COMPANIES? Politically motivate groups such as the American anti-gun Lobby; Israeli-based groups to keep the "Muslim terrorist" idea alive in the public's mind (the Mossad agents are primary Jewish organizations involved in these "terrorist-based fake events"; Cities such as London's urban redevelopment agencies that wanted to get rid of derelict buildings in posh neighbourhoods (Manchester Building Fire); And so on.

Fake news and false flag events are not new. Pearl Harbour was used by President Franklin D Roosevelt to force the United States to enter WW2 - he knew the Japanese were on their way to bomb Pearl Harbour and when he found out he saw the opportunity and told his generals to stand down and just let it happen. 911 was a false flag perpetrated by Israeli Mossad agents, people like Larry Silverstein who earned $4 billion in insurance money after buying the buildings knowing they would be blown up by Jewish demolition teams run by the Mossad - all this under the watchful eye of the US government and CIA and FBI. 

False flag events are major events. These are not organized or paid for by small-time pranksters. These are paid for and sanctioned by governments (your governments - mainly the US, UK, Canada, Israel) and large organizations (US anti-gun lobby - Boston Massacre, Sandy Hook). 

The major mainstream media - CBC, NBC, Fox, CNN and many others - are complicit in their total lack of investigative efforts to confirm these events. So much so that you cannot help but believe they are in on it and simply let the stories happen while ignoring their duty to check and inform the truth. Since most major media mentioned are owned and operated by Jewish individuals and interests, they will suppress the truth and let events such as 911 go rogue and uninvestigated to protect the big interests such as the Israeli government and the Jewish dominated US congress.

People need to start being a lot more cynical and skeptical and stop being foolishly naive about what they see and hear. The government spy agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, MI5, CSIS, etc.) are not your friends. They gain power by your gullibility. 

We need to start believing less and demanding more truth in the news. That cannot happen as long as we act like fish and simply swallow everything hook, line and sinker.

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