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Canadian Indian Lies and Myths and Genocide Baloney

By now every Canadian is familiar with our child-Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, teary-eyed after yet another apology by another Canadian Prime Minister to our hopeless indigenous whiners.

The big lie is about the idea that the residential schools were some kind of evil place officials decided to kill off Indians from Canadian soil forever.

You could not be more wrong believing that nonsense. This is the “Holocaust Hoax” all over. We all know there was no plan to kill off German Jews in WW2 anymore and nothing of the sort happened. And Canadians did not try to exterminate young Indian kids here in our native land. It’s just really baloney. And it’s absurd.

So why is our child-PM crying during his grovelling apology speech. Because history is hard to unwind from the lies after so many years.

The Canadian residential school program was correct in trying integrate Indians into main-stream society by focusing on Indian youth. Get them educated (they sure were not getting educated on Reserves) and get them good jobs and happy they will be when they grow up.

But the whole thing got twisted by non-well-meaning Indian leaders, with money to be made from the gullible federal government, by conning Canadians into thinking something bad was going on, when it wasn’t.

The myth is about the number of Indian kids that actually died. Here’s an internet article I got on the subject that helps explain the numbers. (I lost the credits but will provide them later).

“An earlier draft of the report put the number (that died) at 4,000. There were over the course of 150 years about 150,000 students all told. “The government stopped recording deaths of children in residential schools, we think, probably because the rates were so high,” Sinclair said, adding that up to 6,000 children may have died.”

(My note: The above 6,000 number is just speculation of the highest order – the original report of 4,000 or 2.7%, is normal for the time considering that the rate of children dying is in average and not “genocidal” in any way. This myth-making nonsense about some kind of slaughter going on has to stop. People actually believe this sort of thing. It becomes urban legend or “truth”.

Both groups, Indians and Jews, have been soaking their respective governments for billions of dollars all these years claiming some kind of invented wrong or injustice. There was no Holocaust and there was no residential school genocide. There wasn’t even residential school problem. The residential school system for indigenous children was no better or worse than the typical school at that time for the health of the kids going there.

Here’s a chart showing child mortality from the internet (check it out). You will see that in the same period, average child mortality varies a lot but the residential school rate was actually comparable to general rates in countries such as the US and European countries and Australia.">

Childhood mortality in the 1960s period in North America and Europe are described here. First the numbers provided by Canadian pro-genocide groups for residential school children, which varies from 4,000 dead officially to 6,000 (nothing but a guess at best) Indian residential school children dead out of 150,000 which works out to about 2.7% (using official numbers only). The global average from 1950 to 1960 was 19.5% children dying before age 5. In the USA the figure was 3% and New Zealand 2.5% before age 5. In 1950 the North American child mortality was 3.8% and Europe had 10.5%. This clearly shows that the residential school mortality rate for children is comparable to the overall global and North American average for the same period.

So where is the genocide? Simply comparing the averages during that period up to 1960, it is obvious that residential schools in Canada were not significantly statistically different from rates around the world. And it certainly was not genocide.  The naïve and idiotic truth and reconciliation commission ignores these simple easily obtained facts and figures about child mortality for every decade starting from the 1800s.

The numbers don’t lie. The statistics for Canadian residential school children mortality is comparable to what was going on around the rest of world. In fact considering the difficulties of settling into a new country in the 1800s and trying desperately to integrate Indians, it’s obvious that the officials, teachers and everyone involved in the residential school system we’re doing a pretty darn good job considering the challenges.

Childhood mortality exists today with a global average of 3.4% in 2013 and the USA today has 1.8% childhood mortality. Canada today is about 1.5%. Comparing that to yesterday’s 2.7% and you have to wonder what the pro-genociders are talking about.

From 1800 to 1850 average childhood mortality was about 43.3% or almost one in two children not making it past their 5th birthday. Today it sounds horrendous but that was how it was 150 years ago and we still haven’t eliminated childhood mortality and probably never will. By the time Indian kids were being taken to residential schools they actually had a better than average chance at surviving childhood. That fact is never mentioned.

Indian leaders are leading their own people down the garden path. Indian leaders (the big First Nation chiefs – half corrupt and most making more money than the child-Prime Minister himself). The Indian leaders have been working at the “guilt-trip” approach, like the Jews and their mythical Holocaust, to keep milking Canadians of billions of dollars each year.

The residential school system was a good thing. It was designed to provide a basic education to hundreds of thousands of Indian kids so they could enter the 20th century with some hope of sharing in the prosperity. Indian leaders and misguided politicians and other do-gooders stepped in and saw this as “cultural genocide” and pulled the plug. So today, you have reserves crawling with young Indian kids with nothing to do, no schools to go to and no jobs to get if they do get some education.

But Indian leaders know what they’re doing. By perpetuating the myth about residential schools they stopped kids going there, created the big guilt trip on gullible Canadians and we willingly plunk down those billions that the Indian leaders skillfully skim to keep themselves living the good life driving $100,000 pickup trucks and lavish homes and lifestyles while their peasant Indian folks stuck on reserves in the middle of nowhere drink bottled water because there is no clean water in the pipes.

The real crime is the corruption of truth and the sheer stupidity of people like our child-Prime Minister, Justine Trudeau, who cry their crocodile tears giving their apologies to Indians who should know better than to listen to this nonsense.

People need to wake up and stop believing the lies they’re told. The truth is actually good. The lies are ugly because, well, they’re lies.

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