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On Dec 7 Dr Katsuya Takasu, a Japanese surgeon, paid US$275,000 at an auction for a memoir written by Japanese Emperor Hirohito about WW2. Dr Takasu wanted to repatriate the memoirs back to Japan.

The story is about more than that though. Dr Takasu has been targeted by Zionist hate groups for Holocaust denial. Last month the Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) had him removed from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Both ADL and SWC claim to be human rights groups. Dr Takasu’s sin? He believes the Holocaust is a “fabrication”. Well, it is a fabrication and a fantasy and a myth promoted by Zionists for over 70 years.

Dr Takasu is not a bigot or racist or anti-semite. He has never said anything that could be remotely construed as racist or anti-semite. He does not promote hate and has the common point of view that the Holocaust is a fantasy. Just as important he also believes he has the right to examine facts about the Holocaust and to be able to discuss it. These are basic rights enshrined in most western countries’ Constitutions. Something Zionists ignore as do many governments such as in Canada and Germany and possibly with new legislation in the United States.

The mission of ADL and SWC and B’nai Brith with Holocaust deniers is to harass, close them down and have them removed from social media such as Youtube and public speaking engagements. Although they masquerade as human rights promoters they are in fact hate groups who use anti-free speech tactics to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Their sole intent is to destroy anyone who expresses free thought about facts on the Holocaust and other Jewish created problems such as 911 and various terrorist acts they blamed on Muslims.

The ADL and B’nai Brith routinely shut down speaking venues booked by well-known personalities and revisionists such as Christopher Bollyn ( and David Icke ( by threats and coercion. Why? Because they can and have done so for decades. How do they manage to shut down venues? By threatening managers and owners of venues with repercussions if they don’t cancel the bookings. It usually works because people are afraid. The threats are serious.

If the venue is a public beach or town square in the open air, the ADL sends out a squad of thugs to intimidate and heckle the meeting. These tactics are well-known and documented. They continue because most people are scared of these things.

Jim Risoli, an American cable broadcaster had 5 stations shut down by Zionist ADL complaints. His crime? Talking about the Holocaust fantasy. Jim Risoli had guests ranging from Mark Weber and Monika Schaefer among many others talking about various aspects of the Holocaust fantasy - simple discussion.

Alfred Schaefer in Germany had a police squad visit him on ADL complaint and had almost his entire studio removed including anything on the Holocaust and 911. His crime? Talking about the Holocaust.

The theme here is obvious. Shut down anyone who uses the right of free speech to discuss these taboo subjects. Nothing criminal was committed. There is no hate speech. Nobody condones hate or bigotry or violence. But the Zionist ADL sees it differently.

They, themselves, use violence and intimidation to stifle the right to free speech and thought. And German and Canadian and US authorities seem to be willing to over-ride Constitutional rights to charge people for non-criminal activities and trumped-up charges. It’s amazing they get away with it. And it’s shameful in these strong democracies to see how far the Zionist groups like ADL have been able to go in getting government authorities to cater to their fantasies about anti-semitism where none exists.

What kind of group goes around threatening venues and speakers about holding conferences on certain subjects such as the Holocaust and 911? These are Mafia-like tactics to use bodily harm or other means to shut people up. And it’s been going on for a long time.

Now keep in mind, these public venues are not discussing or promoting bigotry or racism or anti-semitism for that matter. The people who gather at these meetings are interested in discussing and learning more about important subjects and topics. These meetings are meant to discuss and debate topics such as 911 or the Holocaust (two of the most famous Jewish connected incidents of the last century).

But the ADL doesn’t see it that way. The Holocaust fantasy has been the underlying theme in Jewish expansion in the Middle East over 50 years. In that time Jews have annexed (stolen) land from Palestinians with impunity. The United Nations declared Israel’s annexation illegal but has been unable to stop it.

As younger people the Holocaust fantasy and even 911 as historical events before their time, it allows them to look at these things as text book problems without the emotional baggage older people carry around with them. Zionists know that and are turning up the heat on people who speak out.

Dr Takasu is a brave guy we should thank for being honest about his beliefs on the Holocaust fantasy and just as important on our right to express our thought openly without reprisal from anyone.

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