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Lies our governments tell us

Most people are trusting. Most people believe what they're told by others. Most people especially want to believe their governments. These are the people we elected. We want to think we can trust these individuals. 

But we do know they lie. We know politicians speak through both sides of their mouths. They'll tell you one thing one day and something else to someone else another day. We learn to mistrust politicians. After one or two terms we get rid of them. We bring in someone else who promises that the buck stops with them. Time for honesty. Time for honest government. Time for change. We hear that every election. And we fall for it. The best liar wins. The most convincing liar who comes across as most sincere gets our vote. That's how it works. Then when we find out they lie just as much, we patiently wait for election day again so we can get rid of this liar too. 

Politics is about voting someone in who promises to fulfill your wishes but who can't because the promise was only made to get voted in. It was a lie. You voted for them because you believe their lie. Politics is about individual voters playing a forgetting game. They, the politicians, hope you forget what you voted them in for. They massage their promise by changing it so it feels like you're getting what you asked for. But really, usually you're not getting it. So you pretend your wish was fulfilled. Voters do that all the time for politicians that have charisma that charms you over so much that you forgive them for lying to you. Because you like them you let them get away with lying to you.

Our politicians lied to us about 911. Many of us know that the official story is false and a lie. But we have trouble dealing with the contradictions in that story. So it's easier to accept the official story. It avoids realizing that the government just lied about what really happened at 911. Nobody wants to believe that the government could be involved in such an awful thing. All those people dying. So we accept the official story. And we carry on. We keep on trusting the government. That makes us and the politicians we voted for happy.

There is the famous Apollo moon hoax. Many people now know that the US government fooled us. Tried to fool us. Many of us were fooled for sure. Many weren't. The US government told us that America won the race to the Moon and then Mars. Neither is true. But so many of us believed these stories. It was hard to accept that the government could fabricate such a fantastic story to trick us into thinking American astronauts went to the Moon six times in three years. But the government was relying on the public trust to accept the official story about going to the Moon. And because it's so hard to go against the grain, even when some things just don't make sense, we go along with it. We go with the crowd. We avoid bringing up to our friends and family that something smells fishy

Then there are the "terrorist attacks" going on all over. The Boston Marathon. Sandy Hook. Las Vegas. Stockholm. London. Paris. One after the other. We were horrified at these "events". Many of us felt personally attacked. Then the underground unofficial media analysts started unravelling the "terrorist attacks", one by one. And the stories started falling apart. They were staged events. Nobody died. It was theatre. It was believable momentarily. We sat glued to our TVs watching people running around in panic. We were taken in. Then we started seeing the truth coming out. And now we were really confused. 

Who would stage such a thing as a "terrorist attack". Who would put the public in such anxiety with such horrifying events. That's a questions the media never asked. The media are like the politicians. And the public. They report these terrorist attacks without much critical questioning. Was it real? Did anyone in the major media ask that? 

I'll tell you where you can get alternative media where real journalists and reporters actually do ask those questions. Where you can see truth brought out. And much more often than not, the story the major media told us was nonsense. If you want lies and "official" stories, stick with CBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, European media, UK media, all controlled by individuals who do not want you to hear the truth. So they feed you lies. And you feel good when you're filled with stories of false terror because the government tells you they have everything under control.

But it's going to cost you. More taxes for more military intervention in foreign lands that "protect" terrorists. Gotta wipe them out. More money for airports to screen everyone to make you safe. More military-type hardware and fire-arms for our police so they can protect us better. All from the "invisible" enemy lurking in the shadows.

You can check out a few good reliable Youtube videos by the following individuals: Richie Allen with, an excellent daily program that looks at the underbelly of major events; Chris Bollyn ( on Youtube) has written the definitive analysis of 911 and exposes who really took down three buildings and why 3000 people died for no reason; Mark Weber on Youtube is a historian with indepth knowledge of who are the good and bad guys in recent history such as WW1 and WW2 and the Holocaust. Jim Rizoli of Massatchusetts, excellent Youtube host who talks about the Holocaust lies and has been subjected to intense campaigns by certain groups to silence him - didn't work though;

Check out Alfred Schaefer and his sister Monika Schaefer on Youtube for their analysis and explanation of truth about the Holocaust and the police state that Germany and UK and many other western countries have become. Jesse Ventura, Chip Tatum, Ole Dammegard - excellent research into false flags, Cody Snodgres, who quit the CIA Black Operatives when they asked him to take part in the Oklahoma bombing - he tells all - tragically he may not live long enough to reach everyone as the US government has already tried to take him out for whistle-blowing about the CIA's murderous world-wide campaign; Ernst Zundel for the truth about the Holocaust: David Irving - same; David Duke an intellectual who has kept alive the debate about why races clash; Michael S King - read his books; There are many more. 

Get started watching these Youtube celebrities and visiting their websites. Your eyes will open and your mind will grow. Some of it might even blow your mind. That could be good. Your altered mind is maybe a good thing to take place.

Last word on a term you come across now and then. Cognitive dissonance. From Wikipedia: This is the mental discomfort or psychological stress experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas or values. Humans strive for consistency in beliefs, ideas or values. Inconsistencies in these leads to stress.

Many people faced with contradictory ideas choose the one they started out with. It's mentatlly easier and brings comfort. So someone who heard all their lives that the Apollo astronauts went to the moon in 1969 and then suddenly is told today that Apollo was a big hoax and that the US government lied about it, will be forced to choose. The choice is about a concept that they accepted all their lives which is now turned on its head.

Cognitive dissonance causes stress trying to accept both concepts and some people revert to the older concept. Apollo hoax wins. Same goes for Holocaust. A belief that has been imprinted into our minds since childhood suddenly gets exposed as another big lie. Which version wins?

It's tough. As you peruse Youtube, remember that many ideas you harbour will be challenged. You will be forced to examine your beliefs. You may choose to revert to the original belief you had for decades. Or you may choose to open your mind to the possibiity that the original idea was faulty.

The conclusion you come to will depend on your ability to see the new version without the burden of the old. Then you compare the two and ask, which makes more sense. In the end, when examining new sides to an old story, you will be faced with the challenge of trying to decide which version wins in your own mind. Expunging old believes and values is hard. It takes a truly open mind to go down a new road and forget the old one. 

Check out some Youtube. You'll have fun. Talk to your friends. Be open to new ideas. Most of all, enjoy learning new sides to old ideas  and see where they go.

And finally, make sure you never forget that the thoughts you should have are your's and your's alone. Nobody should impose their ideas on you. You accept what seems right to you. When you do, you will know you possess your original beliefs based on your own convictions and based on fact.

One last final thing. Be aware of charlatans and weirdos. The alternative media has it's share of charlatans offering ideas that are outrageous, silly and goofy. "Flat Earth" groups abound. You'll face a barrage of ideas that are clearly out of this world. Learn to recognize legitamate ideas and concepts and skip around the oddballs. Once you know which is which, you'll find it easier to navigate this brave new world.

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