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Letter to Cdn Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland MP

Dear Chrystia: My original email below went to your constituency office and I was told that I should forward it to your Ottawa, Foreign Affairs Office. Your constituency office might have already forwarded it to you. However, just to make sure, below is the original letter. Monika Schaefer, Canadian citizen is now sitting in a German jail for essentially doing nothing wrong in Germany. The views she expressed were expressed here in Canada. Her views are legally protected under our Canadian Constitution and Articles 18 and 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights on Dec 10, 1948. If you look at her videos on Youtube, you will see that she does not incite hate as many have suggested. She has merely expressed doubt about the, so-called, holocaust. She questions that as do many others without malice or hatred, just doubt. I don't believe in many things about WW2 and even WW1 and can freely express my views without fear of being charged. But if I, like Monika Schaefer, dare express doubt about the holocaust on Youtube, I could be charged in Germany. You or someone in your family or a friend or a colleague, might have similar views and might be caught on tape by someone expressing that doubt, and theoretically, while on vacation in Germany, you might be recognized and be charged by the police and end up in jail. Do you think this is right? Monika Schaefer is completely cut off from society, her family, her friends and nobody has been able to find out even if she is still alive or sick or whatever. I would ask that Foreign Affairs looks into this and investigates what the heck is going on. Something very fishy and illegal. As a Canadian, Monika Schaefer deserves better. She needs your intervention and I would ask that your department certainly takes positive action to get her free as soon as possible. 
Letter to Chrystia Freeland, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ottawa, Canada
By now you surely have heard that Canadian, Monika Schaefer of Jasper BC, has been arrested and jailed in Germany for something she said in Canada years ago that is completely legal here. That being to freely express her thoughts on an event, the Holocaust in this case. Something many agree with by the way. Agree or disagree with that or anything else, however, it is our Constitutional right to express it.
Monika Schaefer has not committed any crime in Germany. Nor in Canada. Yet her human rights have been severely violated. The German law under which she was arrested, like all laws, applies to crimes committed on German soil not in Canada. Surely, German laws do not yet extend over international borders and across the ocean and into Canada. Is that something you feel we should be afraid of now?
Should the German government have felt that Monika Schaefer was worthy of arrest at some point, they should have issued an international warrant for her arrest. Unfortunately for Germany, the ridiculous German law in question would be laughed out of any normal court and would not qualify to have someone extradited from anywhere to Germany. 
Our right to Free Speech is protected under our Canadian Constitution and also The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of Dec 10, 1948, Articles 18 and 19 which explicitly state that citizens of these countries enjoy the Right to Free Speech. The articles are quite unambiguous on that.
Monika was a free citizen here in Canada with no criminal record when she was arrested in Germany and now sitting in a German jail. There is no outstanding international warrant for Monika Schaefer's arrest nor ever has been for anything. The German government's decision to arrest her was arbitrary and contravenes International and Canadian law. She has been detained like a serious criminal without bail or visitors or the right to contact anyone outside of her jail cell. To date she has no legal representation in Germany or in Canada. Canada, so far, has been silent on this. Why is that? You would think this would bother a Minister of Foreign Affairs. 
Under German law a person who is not a German citizen has the following right: If you are not a German citizen, you can request that the consular representation of your native country is notified of your arrest.
I would be surprised to find out you have not been contacted. Yet you are silent  I know others have contacted you about this including her own family and many friends. I would ask that you intervene in this immediately and have Monika Schaefer released from the German jail and I would further add, demand an apology from the German government for this heinous and basic violation of human rights under our laws and that of the United Nations. It is embarrassing to see how a model Canadian citizen is being treated overseas while you do nothing to help. 
Thank you

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